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We welcome feedback from our patients and want your feedback, too! So what do patients think about the services at The EpiCentre? If you’re still looking to find your ob-gyn treatment, services , and more. we’ve gathered relevant reviews to make your choice easier. See our reviews below!

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Rating: 5

12 Responses to Testimonials

  1. D. Wynn

    Excellent service, great rapport/bedside manner, and very knowledgeable. Sadly, this trifecta is a rare find in the medical profession, but Dr. Gleaton exemplifies these qualities with a natural ease. I wish I were staying in the area so that she could continue to be my doctor! Highly recommend.

    Rating: 5
  2. M. Charles

    I just really loved my first visit with Dr. Gleaton. She was very detailed, personable and made me feel at ease. I went with my instincts and within minutes, I knew I made the right choice.

    Rating: 5
  3. J. Cachiaras

    Dr. Gleaton is wonderful. She is very energetic and brings a lot of positivity to every appointment. She is also very thorough and answers questions with sincerity.

    Rating: 5
  4. C. Gidney-Burns

    Very knowledgeable! She makes you and your family feel like close friends. She is also very caring and considerate. She takes the time to make sure she explains things to you so that you know what is going on in regard to your health. Wish I could put infinity stars!!!

    Rating: 5
  5. S. Concannon

    When I read the reviews yesterday that she was excellent someone actually said ( like having coffee with a friend) I thought ” no way” that’s way out there..how can anyone say going to a gyn is like having coffee with a friend… but now after seeing Dr Kenosha I have to agree 😀 it was such a great appointment she is excellent at what she does and her bed side manners amazing. God bless you Dr Kenosha

    Rating: 5
  6. C. Lightner

    I love Dr. Gleaton, she is through, very professional with a wonderful personality and very caring. I am 60 years old and I do not think I have ever experienced a better Dr.

    Rating: 5
  7. P. Frasier

    I have referred a few friends and family members to her. She is one of the best. Not only is she great at what she does, but an overall genuine, compassionate, empathetic, loving human being.

    Rating: 5
  8. T. Ayala

    It was my first time meeting Dr Gleaton, I appreciated her addressing all of my concerns. I travel 2 1/2 hrs well worth it for a Fantastic Doctor oh and let’s not forget her wonderful staff! Not enough starts for my great experience. Thank you all very much.

    Rating: 5
  9. K. Hopper

    Dr. Gleaton took me on as a patient 24 weeks into my pregnancy, which I really appreciated. She and her staff provided excellent care, were very caring, personable, and seemed to keep up-to-date on the research. Dr. Gleaton was also very open-minded and supportive about the unique circumstances of my child’s birth. On a few occasions I saw other providers in her office, and the other providers were great as well, but Dr. Gleaton is definitely my favorite.

    Rating: 5
  10. T. & L. Grant

    Dr. Gleaton and her staff are a phenomenal group of women. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and all around pleasant . I have never been so comfortable while my feet were in stirrups!
    Dr. Gleaton was thorough and showed compassion and concern for my OVERALL health. She went above and beyond her call of duty and I am so excited to be a patient of such a phenomenal team! If I could give 2 more stars I most certainly would because this office deserves it!

    Rating: 5
  11. C. Ramsey

    Dr. Gleaton is the best obgyn i have ever seen! For as long as i can remember ive never left any sort of drs office feeling so inspired, motivated, and like all my questions were answered. She really took the time to get to know me and educate me on some of the issues im having while trying to concieve. Ive always fallen under the over weight category, and in the past ive left drs offices feeling embarrassed but not here! She only mentioned my weight when discussing how to up our odds, and when i told her i had lost 27 lbs since february she high five me and told me how awesome it was. I need to lose 32 more to try a medicine in January if we dont concieve by then and when i told her how its hard , she went on to motivate me by saying that our minds are very powerful things and that i can do it! She had high hopes that we would concieve before then though! When i brought up a miscarriage i had 6 months ago, she showed more sympathy than the dr whom i was seeing while that was going on.

    I left today feeling like i not only found an amazing sweet dr, but that i just left from meeting a new friend! She was so pleasant to be around and is just a phenomenal doctor and person! I cant wait to see what the future holds with her as my new obgyn for LIFE!

    Rating: 5
  12. L. K.

    Dr. Gleaton, From the moment we lost our first child, i knew that if we had the opportunity to carry to term and deliver our rainbow baby, you would play a very special role in that child’s life. You literally helped usher me into discovering my strength during my journey. I specifically remember on several occasions, when I felt down and occasionally weak in my faith, you brought me the exact word that I needed to restore hope and uplift me. I pray you recognize how much of an inspiration you are.

    Rating: 5